Regulator service picture

Bench Check-$24.95
General inspection of all stages of the regulator 

Overhaul-$34.95 per stage + parts
A complete rebuild of all stages with new manufacturer parts performed according to specifications. Adjustments of inhalation and exhalation efforts along with inter-stage pressure settings are performed to manufacturer specifications.

bcd service picture

BC Check-$14.95
General inspection for the proper function of all components.

BC Service-$24.95 + parts
Appropriate parts are cleaned, de-greased and de-scaled ultrasonically. Each part is fully inspected for defects and wear indications. Bladders and inflator hoses are checked for leaks and repaired or replaced as required. All steps of the BC service process are performed in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

cylinder service picture

Visual Inspection
Air $24.95 Nitrox $29.95

Cylinders are drained and valves are removed. Valves are cleaned and the inside of the tank is visually inspected for rust, corrosion, or damage. All nitrox cylinders are O2 cleaned.

Hydrostatic Test
Air $57.95 Nitrox $61.95
Cylinders are drained and valves are removed. Cylinders are sent to a testing facility to be tested in accordance with DOT standards. All nitrox cylinders are O2 cleaned.

Valve Servicing-$12.95 + parts
The valve is disassembled and cleaned. Any worn parts are replaced.