Frequently Asked Questions


You have lots of questions, and we have lots of answers!

Going Scuba Diving!

For equipment, you need at least a mask, fins, snorkel, booties and a surface marker buoy to get started in our Open Water Diver course. You also need an open mind and your secured seat in out Open Water Diver Course! Your regulator, wetsuit, buoyancy control device (BCD), air and nitrox cylinders, and any weights you may need are included as rentals in the cost of your course!

Please visit our Getting Started Page to create your FREE SSI account!

When underwater, your life depends on two things: your skills and your gear. If you are in an emergency, you want to be able to rely on your gear to help you safely through it! If you want the easiest and safest experience, your gear should be made from high quality materials, be appropriate for the type of diving you are doing, and getting serviced when recommended. The diving industry is also very small; less than 1% of the world is certified to breath underwater, so manufacturers are able to set prices higher due to the small market size.

Yes! We can custom order a mask that has your prescription. Unfortunately, the flexibility depends on the lense manufacturer. Some do bifocal lenses, some don't, some do 0.25 incriments, some do 0.5 incriments. If you are interested or would like to order one, please come in to the store to select the mask you would like, and we can order it for you. Please make sure you have your prescription for each eye and your Pupillary Distance (PD).

It depends. Some medical conditions are okay to dive with, some are not. If you have any doubts or worries, please contact your doctor and ask them questions. Here is the SSI Medical History Form, if you select yes for any of them on page one, please proceed to that section on page two. If you select yes for anything on page two, you will need a doctor's clearance for you to be safe diving. If you have an SSI account, you can fill this form out in the MySSI app and it will tell you if you need medical clearance. 

As an Open Water Diver, you are certified to safely dive to a maximum of 60 feet. If you want to dive deeper, you may be interested in out Advanced Open Water Program, which gets you certified to 120 feet.

Typically, with our Open Water Diver Group Course, it takes 2 weekends. If you run into any issues, this time may be extended, but you will work that our with your instructor. If you are taking the Open Water Diver course as a private or semi private course for a small extra charge, it will take at least 4 days. These days are on your schedule, so if they're spread out over a week or a month, it is up to you!

Courses like Advanced Open Water Diver take about a week to complete, but other courses can take as little as 1 day!

Scuba Diving has the potential to be dangerous, but only if you are not properly trained/certified for the diving you are doing, or if proper safety measures are not taken before and while diving.

We do not sell any cheap products, only less expensive ones. Everything we sell is good quality equipment that we would trust to dive on!

Yes, but it depends mostly on availability. If a Dive Master is available, our rates start at $199.95 per day.

Unfortunately, we do not have our own dive charter. However, we are working on this, so check back soon! In the mean time, we recommend 2Shea and Tanks-A-Lot charters. 

Yes! We do monthly local and international dive trips. We are also able to complete certifications on most of these trips. Please see our Trips Page for current planned travel!

Due to how the Gulf of Mexico is shaped, the nearest reef structure is approximately 12 miles offshore, which is Veteran's Reef. So we would recommend a dive charter to get there. Most of the shore diving around the Dunedin/Clearwater area is very sandy, and subject to heavy boat traffic, so please be careful. If you are looking for freshwater and a little more wallet friendly, Hudson Grotto is approximately 45 minutes North, and Blue Grotto and Devil's Den are approximately 2 hours North.

We offer rentals of Air or Nitrox cylinders, 3mm or 5mm wetsuits, regulators, and BCDs. Please check our Rentals Page for more information and pricing.

Unfortunately, we do not have the proper equipment to fill or service paint ball cylinders.

Yes! We can bench check and do complete overhauls for a variety of brands of all BCDs, regulators and dive computers. Please check our Gear Services Page for details and pricing.

Yes, we do have spear guns for sale, as well as other spearfishing gear! Please come into the store to check out our current stock!

2Shea and Tanks-a-Lot are the closest dive charters to us.