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Cost - $139.95

This SSI Mermaid program teaches you the skills and techniques needed to increase your comfort in the water using your new mermaid equipment. This program will also teach you the concepts required to stay underwater longer. You will earn the SSI Mermaid certification.

This course includes online academic learning materials and 2 days of mermaid training in the pool. During each pool session, you will learn how to safely swim with a mermaid tail and monofin as well as unique mermaid skills to maximize your mermaid experience. You will also learn how to safely freedive with your mermaid equipment to a depth of up to 15 ft. 

Requirements: Minimum of 12 years of age. All mermaids must be able to complete a 55-yard swim independently. Personal swim goggles are highly recommended. (Mermaid tail and monofin not included).


Call the dive center at (727)-733-1919 to sign up or to talk to our mermaid instructor for more information.