Christa Baranowski



Christa - staff photo




Advanced Open Water Diver
       After getting open water certified in 2018, Christa knew that diving would be a life-long passion. Christa joined the Heroes Team in August of 2022. Since then she has gotten her Enriched Air Nitrox and Advanced Open Water Certifications. Next will be Divemaster and hopefully Instructor! Christa's favorite part of diving is seeing new ocean creatures and sharing about them post-dive with everyone! Other than diving, Christa is going back to school for her Master’s Degree in Biological Oceanography (Ocean Life!) and when she's not underwater, she's probably studying, paddleboarding, or at an amusement park!


Scuba Diving Since:
November 2018


Favorite Fish:
Whale Sharks


Favorite Dive Site:
Cozumel, Mexico


Dive Bag Essentials:
Snacks and a reusable water bottle


Shoot with a Speargun or Camera:

Favorite Specialty Class:
Night and Limited Visibility


Favorite Dive Type:
Wall and Reef Dives


Future Dive Goal:
Dive with Whale Sharks and achieve Dive Master


Favorite post-dive meal:
Pub sub and some chips


Walk-up Song:
(S)He's a Pirate, Pirates of the Caribbean

SSI Certifications
Open Water Diver
Enriched Air Nitrox
Advanced Open Water Diver
Night and Limited Visibility
Deep Diving



My Dive Equipment


Zeagle Envoy II Regulator

Zeagle Envoy II


Zeagle Envoy II Octo

Alternate (OCTO)
Zeagle Envoy II Octo


suunto D5 Dive Computer

Shearwater Teric


Dive Rite Transplate Travel BC

Buoyancy Compensator (BC)
Dive Rite Transplate and Wing