Audrey Schilling


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Retail Associate
Advanced Open Water Diver

       Audrey always knew there was a good chance she would end up in the diving industry one day, considering her father is an avid diver. She decided to get certified in August of 2020. Once certified, she immediately started working towards her Advanced Open Water Diver certification, which she earned later that year. "I enjoyed diving even more than I thought I would, and I love that it's something I get to do with my dad." Audrey plans to continue diving with her family and is even considering becoming a professional diver once she is old enough. Currently, she in charge of all social media accounts for the dive center, and she is always happy to help customers find whatever they may need.  


Scuba Diving Since:
August 2020


Favorite Fish:


Favorite Dive Site:
Devils Den, Williston, FL

Favorite Specialty Class:
Shark Ecology


Favorite Dive Type:
Shark Diving


Future Dive Goal:
Become an SSI open water instructor

SSI Certifications
Open Water Diver
Deep Diving
Night & Limited Visibility
Enriched Air Nitrox
Advanced Open Water Diver


My Dive Equipment


Zeagle Envoy II Regulator

Zeagle Envoy II


Zeagle Octopus

Alternate (OCTO)
Zeagle Envoy Octo


Mares Quad Air Dive Computer

Mares Quad Air


Zeagle Zena BC

Buoyancy Compensator (BC)
Zeagle Zena


Atomic SV2 Snorkel Aqua

Atomic SV2


Bare Nixie Ultra

Bare Nixie Ultra