Aaron Craft


Aaron Staff Photo

Aaron Staff Photo


Advanced Open Water Instructor

       Aaron joined the Heroes Team in May 2022 as an Open Water Instructor, and has since worked on enough specialties to be an Advanced Open Water Instructor! Aaron is an avid underwater photographer and photo editor and loves observing marine life and how they interact with one another. His favorite thing about being an instructor is having the chance to pass on his knowledge and experience to new divers. Check out his Instagram at @aaronacraft to see some of his fantastic photos.

Scuba Diving Since:


Favorite Fish:
All the sealife


Favorite Dive Site:
Local: Airplane Barge at Veteran's Reef

Keys: Davy Crockett Reef


Dive Bag Essentials:
Stream2Sea Conditioner


Shoot with a Speargun or Camera:

Favorite Specialty Class:
Advanced Open Water Diver


Favorite Dive Type:
Wrecks & Reefs


Future Dive Goal:
See a Whale Shark


Favorite post-dive meal:
Chum Bucket from Sharky's


Walk-up Song:
Happy, by Pharrell

SSI Instructor Certifications
Open Water Diver
Advanced Open Water Diver
Dive Guide
Dive Master
Enriched Air Nitrox
Diver Stress and Rescue
Perfect Buoyancy
React Right
Deep Diving
Night and Limited Visibility


My Dive Equipment

atomic b2

Zeagle F8


atomic b2 octo

Alternate (OCTO)
Zeagle F8 Octo


Mares Quad Air

Suunto EonCore


Zeagle Zena

Buoyancy Compensator (BC)
Mares Dragon SLS


Atomic SV2

Atomic SV2


Bare Nixie Ultra

Bare Revel