Shark Dive Jupiter Florida

Join us for a fun weekend of shark dives off the coast of Jupiter, Florida. You might possibly encounter many different species of sharks such as Lemon, Tiger, and Great Hammerhead sharks! 


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All divers must have Deep Diving and Nitrox certifications. 

Each diver is required to wear a wetsuit, hood, and gloves. NO BRIGHT COLORED GEAR MAY BE WORN (No pink, white, orange, or yellow) in order to avoid any contrasting colors that might stand out to the sharks. 

This trip will consist of one 3 tank boat trip per day. You will do three shark dives, between 50 to 80 feet deep. Arrival time is 7 am both days, expect to return to the dock around 2:30 pm. 

Accommodations include two nights at the Comfort Inn and Suites, or you can also feel free to make your own hotel reservations. 

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