Dive Professional Courses


Dive Guide Logo
Dive Guide - $1299.95
This program gives you the skills and experience required to safely lead groups of certified divers and is the first step towards an exciting career as an SSI Dive Professional.
Science of Diving Logo
Science of Diving - $199.95
This program provides an in-depth and detailed study of physics, physiology, decompression theory, the aquatic environment, and diving equipment.
Divemaster logo
Dive Master - $1499.90
This certification is a combination of the Dive Guide and Science of Diving courses. Once these two courses have been completed you will automatically earn the SSI Dive Master certification.


Assistant Instructor logo
Assistant Instructor - $1499.95
This program provides the skills, concepts, and teaching experience required to become a successful SSI Instructor. You will learn how to assist Instructors in training and how to independently teach a variety of SSI training programs.
Instructor Training Course logo
Instructor Training Course (ITC) - $1999.95
This program provides the knowledge, concepts, and training necessary to organize and conduct entry-level scuba training courses. You will learn how to effectively teach and evaluate Open Water Diver students.