Meghan Hale


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Retail Associate

       With her father being a SCUBA Instructor, Meghan practically grew up in the diving community and has always been fascinated by the ocean. "Scuba diving is something I've wanted to do since I was big enough to hold a tank." At 14 years old, Meghan finally took the plunge and got her open water certification here at Heroes Dive Center. After graduating from St. Petersburg College, Meghan saw the opportunity to take her scuba diving career to the next level. In early 2020 she joined the Heroes team as an intern until she earned her Divemaster certification later that year. "I want to show people my love and knowledge for diving, and becoming a professional diver seemed like the perfect opportunity to do just that." Whether she's in the store or assisting our instructors with class Meghan is always excited to share her passion with new divers.  


Scuba Diving Since:
April 2015


Favorite Fish:


Favorite Dive Site:
Benwood Wreck, Key Largo, FL

Favorite Specialty Class:


Favorite Dive Type:
Coral Reef Diving


Future Dive Goal:
Become an SSI open water instructor

SSI Certifications
Open Water Diver
Deep Diving
Night & Limited Visibility
Stress and Rescue
Enriched Air Nitrox
Science of Diving
Dive Guide
Advanced Open Water Diver


My Dive Equipment


Zeagle F8 Regulator

Zeagle F8


Zeagle F8 Octo

Alternate (OCTO)
Zeagle F8 Octo


Suunto D5

Suunto D5


Zeagle Zena BC

Buoyancy Compensator (BC)
Zeagle Zena


Oceanic Arid Snorkel

Oceanic Arid


Bare Nixie Ultra Wetsuit

Bare Nixie Ultra