John Cassidy


John - open water and specialty instructor/ technician

John - Wreck Diving

Service Technician
SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor
SSI React Right Instructor

      When John first experienced diving in 1976 in San Diego, California, he was immediately hooked but couldn’t always stay active due to living in a land-locked area. Several years later, John decided it was time to pick up diving again and moved to sunny Florida. Once back in the water, John began pursuing professional diving after retiring from his regular job. He said, “it has been a dream of mine for a long time.” This led to him joining the Heroes Dive Center team in 2019 and has since been certified as one of our primary Open Water Instructors. His favorite type of diving is wreck diving because “shipwrecks are an interesting part of history and the challenge of the overhead environment keeps me sharp!” If you’re interested in beginning or furthering your diving education, John is always itching to go dive.


Scuba Diving Since:
December 1976


Favorite Fish:
Caribbean Reef Shark


Favorite Dive Site:
Vandenberg Wreck, Key West, FL

Favorite Specialty Class:
Extended Range Wreck Diving


Favorite Dive Type:
Wreck diving


Future Dive Goal:
Lead international wreck diving trips

SSI Instructor Certifications
Open Water Diver
Dive Guide
Scuba Skills Update
Stress and Rescue
Night and Limited Visibility
Deep Diving
Enriched Air Nitrox
React Right: First Aid & CPR
Perfect Buoyancy
Dry Suit Diving
Wreck Diving
Science of Diving


My Dive Equipment


atomic b2

Atomic B2


atomic b2 octo

Alternate (OCTO)
Atomic B2 Octo


Dive Rite Transplate Voager EXP

Buoyancy Compensator (BC)
Dive Rite Transplate Voyager EXP
Mares Pure